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Our Cooperative

Property Corporation Cooperative Society Limited (PropCorp) is registered with the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) as a housing cooperative society with the Federal Capital Territory Cooperative Registry (Our Certificate) and also with the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS). Its membership is open to all Nigerians and Non-Nigerians resident in Nigeria and above 21 years of age.

– our mission –

Our mission is to develop affordable, sustainable communities and provide robust real estate investment portfolios for its members – leveraging on partnerships, community building and our core competencies.

A Cooperative society is a voluntary association of individuals, united by common goal, who decide to be bound by set of bye-laws to pursue their economic goals for their own benefits. In Nigeria, Cooperative Societies are governed by the Nigerian Cooperative Societies Act which provide for the registration of Cooperative Societies.

– our focus –

Our focus is growing a community of home owners in the private sector who are financing their housing goals using mortgage. Our approach is to deliver housing to our members through member contributions, cooperative financing and partnerships using technology, cost effectiveness and member-focused policies/solutions.

– member benefits –


Affordable Housing through member contribution and Cooperative financing. The home ownership benefit gives members access to owning their own homes in estates across Nigeria and other African countries.

Dividend, Business support & Cooperative loan

Dividend from Cooperative shares is paid to members annually. Members can also access to Cooperative loan and business support services.

Member advantage vs discounts

Lower entry requirements for members on The F100 Projects. Members interested in diversifying their portfolio will be offered discounts on capital amount payable on investment projects.

Personal mortgage loan

The Cooperative accesses the the National Housing Fund (NHF) loan from the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria (FMBN) for members.

– how to become a member –

  • Membership fee – N5,000.00
  • Fill out our KYC form
  • Get membership number and Cooperative bylaw/constitution
  • Buy Cooperative shares – N50,000.00 minimum
  • Fill out our dividend form
  • Receive annual dividend
  • Monthly contribution N15,000.00, N3,750.00 weekly or N500.00 daily
  • Become an FMBN contributor
  • Join our cooperative housing project

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