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The Ile Ologo Farm Resort is being developed as a farm and recreation resort for nature lovers, adventurers, researchers and content creators looking for a serene, safe and inspiring environment to relax and enjoy nature in its fullness. 

The resort is co-owned by the women of The F-100 Group; and on completion will feature mini eco-friendly chalets and tree houses for vacationing and retreat, canopy walkaway, hiking expeditions, farm tours and skills acquisition/processing center for small land holders in the community as part of the Group’s commitment to improving lives of farmers (especially women farmers) in Iware and environs.


30-acres of green haven...

The resort is 45 minutes from University of Ibadan, 35 minutes from the Moniya Train Station and 55 minutes from Ibadan Airport. It can be accessed from the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway and perfect for a getaway vacation and convenient route for persons working in Lagos.

Location: Ojerinde Road, Iware, Afijio LGA, Oyo, Oyo State – Nigeria.

Facilities & Activities

– Mini chalets

– Tree houses

– Farms

– Farmer’s market

– Private and group tours

– Outdoor activities/games including hiking, outdoor chess and canopy walk

– Park, swings and resort animals

– CCTV and Security patrol

Private Chalets

Take a break from the hustle and bustle and spend a couple of days or the weekend on a retreat to recharge and reconnect on our farm resort as a family, with a spouse or as a group.


Take a lease on 350sqm of green forest land to build custom your eco-friendly private chalet or tree house or simply any of our mini chalet for leisure or income…read more



Currently planting over 7 acres of indigenous and improved hybrid plantain variety. We producing for wholesaling and processing of flour and chips. We are also selling hybrid plantain suckers to new farmers.


Our hybrid and local specie cocoa is growing and fruiting on 5 acres of fertile soil. We are establishing our nursery for expansion of another 5 acre and sale of seedlings to new farmers.


Over 500 local palm trees fruiting in its season with other economic trees including African cherries, Guava, Grapes, Avocado and African Bush Mango (Ogbono trees) among others. We are expanding and replacing old palm trees with the hybrid variety (tenera/supergene).

We need your support!

We are passionate about giving back and transforming the lives and livelihood of families in our host community. Join us in setting up processing plants for small farm holders and artisanal producers in Iware and environs by joining us to purchase and set up processing and packaging plants in Iware where farmers in Iware and other communities can process and package their produce under their names and export/sell collectively as a unit or cooperative.

We are raising N10,000,000.
Donate or recommend our cause for intervention.

To enjoy a day at our farm resort - send us a mail:

please note that we are still building our resort and may not be open to receiving visitors at the time when the request is made.

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