The F-100

What is the F-100?

The F-100 is a real estate investment company. The F-100 offers her investors and 100 female members a collaborative investment platform to build, own and operate resorts, residential, commercial and industrial real estates in Nigeria and Africa’s performing cities; as well as making low risks investments in startups, hospitality and manufacturing.

Is the F-100 registered?

Yes, The F-100 Limited is registered as a private company limited by shares with RC 1659991

So what does “become an investor” mean?

Buying project shares, land or residence. The investor category is opened to ALL PERSONS who are (i) 21 years of age and above (ii) have a Nigerian bank account for remittances (iii) interested in buying project shares for dividend, co-owning investments and/or exclusive ownership of investments for returns or personal use. Please note that as an investor, remittances of annual rental income and capital is made based on the type of investment purchased.

What does “become a member” mean?

The F-100 Membership is an exclusive investment group opened to ONLY FEMALES who are (i) 21 years and above (ii) Employed or Self employed who earn income (iii) Graduates (HND/B.Sc minimum) (iv) Have long term investment goals (v) Agree that capital invested is not returned and ready to share the risks and rewards of an evaluated investment equally (vi) Have the capacity to contribute capital, know-how, network and expertise towards achieving Group objectives/projects.

Please note that membership of the Group DOES NOT confer equity in the company (The F-100 Limited) but ONLY equity in member investments – resorts, shopping mall, car parks, residential estates, start-ups etc. The F-100 Limited remains a registered private company limited by shares and is the Group’s investment manager.

What are the benefits of becoming a member?

Membership benefits includes:

  • profit sharing at the end of the investment period
  • lifetime dividend from operating investments
  • co-ownership of member-funded investments
  • home ownership via our cooperative society package

How many women will be in the Group?

100 women. Membership will be closed at 100 women.

Is there a membership fee?

Yes. Membership fee is N500, 000.00 (Five Hundred Thousand Naira Only). This is exclusive of project contribution and is non-refundable.

Is there a management team for this Group?

Yes, there is.

Can I withdraw from The Group?

Yes, you can. Your accrued benefits will be refunded per investments made as a member.

So The F-100 Limited is not solely a female investment group then?

No, it is not. The F-100 Limited in itself is a real estate investment company that manages and offers collaborative investment and cooperative financing solutions to simplify real estate investments, diversify portfolios, provide housing through our housing cooperative society and empowers her investors and members financially.

What if I want your company to develop or manage a unique real estate solution/offer for my group or my company? Can you do that?

Yes, absolutely! We love working with persons, formal and informal groups and companies to tailor their real estate investment needs/goals. Please call (234) 813 891 1937 | (234) 803 649 7718 to discuss your proposal.

Where is your head office?

31B, Paradise Hills Estate, Guzape, Abuja – Nigeria.


What investments can I make?

What is the minimum investment I can?

Minimum investments differ from one investment to another. The Ilé Ologo Resort starts from N50, 000.00 per resort share. See our investments for more details.

Can I increase my investment during a fiscal year?

You can only increase your investment if there is an opening. All investments have a start date and maturity period. You can also invest additional funds in another equally performing project listed here.

Can I make a withdrawal before maturity date?

No, you cannot.

Can I cancel my investment and ask for a refund?

Cancellation and refund is per investment type. Please read through your offer letter to know the cancellation and refund provisions for that investment.

Who can invest?

Nigerians and non-Nigerians resident in Nigeria with a Nigerian bank account can get started here.

What happens to my investments if I die?

For all our collaborative investment models, capital and annual rental income is paid back automatically into your bank account – as provided by you for remittances after maturity of investment. Your Next of Kin can access such monies from your primary bank account without further recourse to us.

I am reserving a spot, must I make payment?

Yes, you are required to make full financial commitment to ensure that your spot is reserved.

I am not resident in Nigeria and would like to visit the sites physically. How can you help?

We offer real time photos and video calls to walk you through the sites/houses. We do not process visit visas but can recommend Travel Agencies offering that service if you’d like to visit sites physically.

If the investment performs better than the projections made, what happens to the excess return?

The excess return is shared among all investors and you get more than the projected return advertised per investment. Likewise, if the return is less. Our projections are real projections taking into consideration market conditions, forces and economic outlook of the country where investments are based.

Please see our User Agreement for more information.

Find out more about our investments here

Propcorp Cooperative Society

So what is the Propcorp Cooperative Society about?

The Propcorp Cooperative Society is The F-100’s strategy to providing affordable housing and building sustainable communities that is decent, durable and green.

Is the Cooperative Society registered?

Propcorp is a housing cooperative society registered with the FCT Cooperative Registry of the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA), the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria (FMBN) and the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS). Its existence and operations are guided by its bylaws with focus on housing delivery through member savings, development financing from the FMBN and other low-interest corporate financiers and in partnership with The F-100 Group.

What do I gain for joining Propcorp?

Members of Propcorp Cooperative gain immediate access to The F-100 investments with up to 20% discount on all investments of choice. Other benefits:

  • Access to low cost housing
  • Access to mortgage loan
  • Free loan packaging service
  • Loan from cooperative
  • Business support

What does it take to be part of the Cooperative?

What does Propcorp do with my money?

  • Cooperative shares is invested in The F100 projects and dividend is paid annually
  • Members monthly contributions will be used to purchase estate lands for mass housing estates and will form part of the equity capital required to access development financing from FMBN, CMB and other financial institutions in the space.
  • Membership fee is one-time fee and non-refundable.

Can I withdraw from the Cooperative and how do I do that?

Yes you can. The Cooperative Bylaws provides for withdrawals and exiting the Cooperative. However, members with investments in the F100 projects will wait until maturity of the investment.

About the FMBN and NHF? What’s that?

The Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria (FMBN) was established to meet the housing needs of all citizens of the country. It is regarded as the apex mortgage finance institution in the country and regulates the activities of primary mortgage loan originators. The National Housing Fund (NHF) is a Federal Government introduced scheme, to which all public servants and employees in the organised private sector within the country are expected to contribute 2.5% of their monthly salary to Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria, managers of the fund. Read more here

How do I join the Cooperative?

Sign up to get started.

I am already a contributor but I am yet to access the NHF housing loan. Can you help?

Absolutely. However the FMBN requires you to change your employer to us so that we can package a loan facility jointly with other members as it is advantageous to apply for the housing loan in groups or batches.

More about the Cooperative? Join to get the bylaws here

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Questions? Email: hello@thef100group.com or call: (234) 813 891 1937 | (234) 803 649 7718