Become a member

The F-100 Group membership is opened to:

  • 21 years and above
  • Employed or self-employed
  • Have long term investment goals
  • Ready to share the risks and rewards equally
  • Ready to contribute capital, know-how, network and expertise
  • Membership benefits includes profit sharing at the end of the investment period, lifetime dividend from operating investments, co-ownership of member-funded investments and home ownership via our cooperative society package.

A membership fee and project capital contribution for the Ile Ologo Resort project in the sum of N1,500,000.00 (One Million, Five Hundred Thousand Naira Only) is mandatory for all new members joining the Group.

Membership of The F-100 Group will be closed at 100 women. Membership of the Ile Ologo Resort will be limited to 30 women.

Also note that membership of The F-100 Group DOES NOT confer equity in The F-100 Limited but STRICTLY confers equity in investments jointly funded and co-owned by the members of The F-100 Group.

The F-100 Limited remains a registered private company limited by shares and is the Group’s Investment Manager.

Your information is confidential and will not be sold or shared with 3rd party vendors.