About Us


We are building Africa’s most diverse real estate investment group for women!

The F-100 Women is a group of women jointly funding real estate investment for lifetime returns and transferring their life membership to their female heir.

Their investment is managed by The F-100 Limited, a real estate development and Investment Company co-founded by women and headquartered in Abuja – Nigeria.

Membership of the Group does not confer ownership of the company.

The Company, since its inception in February 2020, has raised over $60,000 using her collaborative investment model targeting long-term income yielding real estate assets for her investors. The Group has also purchased a 30-acre virgin land in Iware, Oyo State for the Group’s farm resort project.

The F-100 group is a growing community of female investors focusing on real estate investments and secured short-term instruments.

Our community – committed and diverse – is structured towards crowdfunding projects/investments, pooling resources and collaborating to build, own and operate resorts, residential, commercial and industrial real estates in Nigeria and across Africa’s performing cities; as well as making low risks investments in rentals, secured short-term instruments and start-ups.

What we are about

To create a global stage for empowering women through real estate investments and achieve dominance in select built environment using our core competencies – collaboration, creativity, technology, cost effectiveness and customer-focused policies/solutions.

What we want to achieve

To become the household name in innovative, luxurious and revolutionary real estate developer across Africa.

What guides our Group

We strongly believe that integrity, innovation, accountability, openness, collaboration and passion in leadership and service are the building blocks of a positive reputation.

To build a community that delivers, we are working with people who trust, can be trusted and are competent; people who are disruptors, creative and are advocates of technology.

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