Finally, a real estate investment group for women....

We are building Africa's most diverse real estate investment group for women!

Community | Co-ownership | Legacy

The Group in just 24 months has raised over $100,000 from 30 local investors and purchased a 30-acre farm resort!

Our community

Our community – committed and diverse – works by jointly funding real estate projects/investments in Nigeria and across Africa’s performing cities for rental income and capital growth.

What we are about

We are building community of 100 women across the world who are interested in co-owning real estate investments for rental income, capital growth and the transfer of membership to their female heir. 

We believe...

….that integrity, innovation, accountability, openness, collaboration and passion in leadership and service are the building blocks of a positive reputation.

To build a community that delivers, we are working with people who trust, can be trusted and are competent; people who are disruptors, creative and are advocates of technology.

Becoming a member

The F-100 Group is an investment cooperative with membership open to only women who are:

– 21 years and above

– Have a university degree or its equivalent

– Employed/Self employed

– No criminal record

– Interested in real estate investments

– Have long term investment goals and;

Willing to co-own Group funded investments for profit

To be clear, the Group’s Membership is open to 100 women and is transferable to female heir of the member. All members own equity in Group-funded investments and are entitled to:

– Return on member’s initial investment

– Annual dividend on  running businesses that are co-owned

– Co-ownership status of member-funded investments

Lifetime dividend from Group-owned businesses

– Member of the housing cooperative for home ownership.


A membership fee and project capital contribution in the sum of NGN 1,500,000.00 or its equivalent is mandatory for all new members joining The Group.


Membership of the Group will be closed at 100 women. 

Also note that membership of The F-100 Group confers shareholder status of the Cooperative Society.


There's no stopping a group of women working together to co-own prime real estate.

Our journey so far

Ile Ologo Farm Resort - click to read more

The Ile Ologo Farm Resort is a jointly owned farm resort with mini chalets and facilities for adventurers and nature lovers. The farm resort offers its visitors picnic areas, fresh farm produce and scenery for photographs or videos.

Our Housing Cooperative Society - click to read more

Property Corporation Cooperative Society Limited (fcta/coop 0503) is registered with the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) as a housing cooperative society with the FCT Cooperative Registry the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) and the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria (FMBN).

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