We are building Africa’s most diverse real estate investment group


At The F-100, we help people and businesses own and co-own prime dual-purpose real estate investments in Nigeria and Africa’s performing cities.

– Our Focus –

To create sustained wealth for people and businesses easily.

– The How –

We are building an accountable community that delivers. We are working with people who trust, can be trusted and are competent; people who are disruptors, creatives and are advocates of technology.

Our Values

We strongly believe that integrity, innovation, accountability, openness, collaboration and passion in leadership and service are the building blocks of a positive reputation and longevity in service delivery.

– Our Approach –

As aggregators, we create access to thoroughly evaluated real estate investment opportunities with low-entry costs. Our collaborating investment model is us simplifying and leveling the marketplace for people and business looking to diversify their portfolios and invest in long-term appreciating assets.

As part of our strategy to create wealth, promote collaboration and foster inclusion, we have pioneered a women-only real estate investment group focused on co-owning commercial real estates in Nigeria and other African performing cities.

Founding Members of The F-100 Group

Introducing the Ile Ologo Resort by The F-100 Group

30-acre virgin paradise in Iware, Oyo State

Ile Ologo Resort (Palms & Eden, Iware) is a privately owned and managed forest resort with luxury and beautiful vacation chalets for individuals, corporate bodies, VCs and Start-ups to own, operate or use. The resort on completion will be Nigeria’s favorite destination for weddings, honeymoon, annual festivals and holidaying.