Ile Ologo Resort (Palms & Eden)

Own and earn BIG from luxury vacation chalets at Nigeria’s first forest resort starting from N3,300,000!

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Ile Ologo Resort (Palms & Eden, Iware) is a privately owned and managed forest resort with luxury and beautiful vacation chalets for individuals, corporate bodies, VCs and Start-ups to own, operate or use. The resort on completion will be Nigeria’s favorite destination for weddings, honeymoon, annual festivals and holidaying.

Our farm estate and health programs promotes our dedication to agritourism including our green houses/farms, hiking expeditions, annual 3-in-1 interstate tour packages, recycling and weight management programs. Our remote working facilities is planned to promote the budding start-up community in South-West Nigeria.

Our recreation facilities/services includes our mini golf course, tree houses, camping in the wild, canopy walk, treasure hunting, outdoor and indoor games including chess, pools, restaurants, spa, event center and so much more is curated to capture the essence of nature, beauty and create a one in a lifetime experience.

As an investor, tourist, visitor, adventurer or nature lover, the Ile Ologo Resort is being built to give you a reason to believe in beauty and in your ability to achieve anything and everything you have ever dreamt off.

Only 45 vacation chalets on 30-acre land!

The 30-acre resort land is located along Km 23, Ojerinde/Iroko Road, Iware, Afijio LGA, Oyo, Oyo State, Nigeria. The green and lush forest land is blessed with natural palm, kolanut, pear and cocoa in a peaceful community with good road network, power and internet connection.

Location and Proximity

Ile Ologo resort is located 45-minutes from University of Ibadan, 40-minutes from the Chief Obafemi Awolowo Train Station, Moniya and 50-minutes from Ibadan Airport. It can be accessed from the Lagos-Ibadan Express way – perfect for a getaway vacation and convenient route for persons working in Ibadan, Lagos and surrounding towns.

Vacation chalets (selling fast)

Facilities & Services

  • destination wedding
  • event planning
  • vacation chalets
  • remote work/start-up programs
  • mini golf course
  • helipad
  • coffee shop & restaurants
  • green and tree houses
  • gym, clinic, spa, saloon
  • weight management programs

  • co-working spaces/business offices
  • swimming pool
  • games arena (indoor & outdoor games)
  • event center
  • reception building & art gallery
  • cocoa farm
  • mart/pharmacy
  • eco tourism activities
  • recycling and residency programs
  • poultry farm
  • rabbit farm
  • fish farm
  • hiking expeditions
  • inter-state tour packages
  • training, corporate retreats & meetings
  • transport services
  • property and facility management service

Ongoing Work